Twitter Reacts to Jeff Bezos in Space

Twitter Reacts to Jeff Bezos in Space

Oh Twitter. You're home to some of the most hilarious and ridiculous people around. Whenever something interesting happens around the world, you can be sure Twitter users will respond with no restraint. That makes for some fantastic comedy.

Take Jeff Bezos's recent trip into space aboard his Blue Origin spacecraft. While a big milestone in the race to space tourism and exploration, the event was simply too good for Twitter to pass up. 

Here are some of the best (and funniest) reactions to Jeff Bezos in space. Enjoy 😃

1. Not as Fantastic

I doubt Jeff is as flexible as the real Mr. Fantastic.


2. Dr. Jeff Strangelove

This was inevitable. You didn't see that coming Jeff?


3. Tax burn

No wonder he can afford to build rockets. 


4. Who knew? Aliens are all billionaires!

Things are making a lot more sense... Those UFOs are just alien rich tourists.


5. At least someone is enjoying Amazon's success

And it's not the people who work there.


6. Deepfake Bezos looks like real Bezos...

South Park tried to tell us years ago!


7. Meanwhile, back on Earth

At least now Jeff knows what it's like to pee in a bottle too.

8. Bob Saget for the easy win

Because Uranus jokes land every time!


9. Conan jabs Whole Foods

That's right folks, WE paid for this every time we dropped $30 at the salad bar.


10. Overcompensating?

Of all the rocket designs, they had to go with this one?


There you have it, the best reactions to Jeff Bezos's trip to outer space. Twitter never fails in providing the best reactions and Jeff provided more than enough fuel. Looking forward to his next space project so we can all sit back and enjoy the constant stream of hilarious backlash. Until next time!

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