Each Order Includes a Donation to the Space Foundation

Space Curios is committed to helping humanity reach the stars.

We're not just fans of space exploration, we're totally obsessed with it. As part of our mission, we donate a percentage of our profits to the Space Foundation in Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

Your order helps fund space exploration, education & research!

Each order you place from Space Curios helps fund space exploration, education, and research. Your order helps. Thank you.


The Space Foundation

Located on the edge of the Rocky Mountains, The Space Foundation is a nonprofit organization offering a gateway to education, information and collaboration for space exploration and space-inspired industries that define the global space ecosystem.

Founded in 1983, their programs provide much needed education, outreach, and support for the space industry.

Learn more about The Space Foundation on their website.

You can help more by becoming a Space Foundation member

Or donate directly on the Space Foundation Donations page.

Discovery Center

You can also visit the Discovery Center, an interactive space museum and educational experience to inspire young people to reach for the stars.

Learn more about the Discovery Center on their website.



The Space Symposium

They host the Space Symposium, an annual conference that brings professionals in the space industry together to share cutting edge ideas and research. 

Learn more about The Space Symposium on their website.


the space symposium hosted by the space foundation

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